A Rural Heart Disease Prevention Research Study

Answer a set of questions about your eligibility

​​This will occur either in person or over the phone with one of our study staff.

Fill out an online questionnaire
The questionnaire asks about your physical activity, diet, other health factors, and demographic information (such as age and ethnicity).  It takes approximately an hour to complete.

Enter what you eat for five days into an online dietary assessment tool
The online assessment tool is a dietary tool called ASA-24.  It asks you to enter what you ate for the previous 24 hours into an online program.  You will need to do the recall each day for five days. Entering what you ate for the previous 24 hours takes about 20-40 minutes.

Wear an activity meter for seven days
An activity meter called an accelerometer is a small device that measures physical activity. It is similar to a step counter and clips onto a waistband or hip pocket.

Obtain your health care provider's approval to participate in the either program
The required form is here:

Attend a Baseline Visit

At the Baseline Visit you will have your physical and biological measurements taken including a blood draw and a fitness test.

​The physical measurements include weight, height, hip and waist circumference, and body composition.

Biological measurements include blood pressure, heart rate, and a skin scan.  The skin scan involves placing the palm of your hand in front of a scanner for thirty seconds to measure the carotenoid levels in your skin.

At the Baseline Visit, you will have your blood drawn by medical professionals. You will be asked to fast before the Baseline Visit by not eating or drinking anything (other than water) for 12 hours prior to the test. We will provide a snack for you before you continue with your visit.

Your fitness level will be measured using three functional fitness tests: a two-minutes step test, an 8-Foot Up and Go test, a 30-second arm curl test, and a 30-second chair stand test. 

You will receive a $20 Amazon gift card if you complete the:

  • Online questionnaire

  • Five days of dietary recalls

  • Seven days of wearing the activity meter 

  • Baseline Visit physical and biological measurements

What to expect during the screening process

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